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This simple tutorial will help you to learn how to modify a cbox form from

Provide your own cbox form with your own Avatar select box.
A cbox account, you must register at to get one.

A blogsite, forumsite, website or wapsite - because if you have no any site, where would you place your cbox?


First, you must logged in to your Cbox account. At your Control Pannel, click OptionsPosting options > then browse at the bottom page, look for the "Message options" part and mark these boxes:

Messages options
Email / URL field*
Allow avatars

Then click "Save" button. This is to allow posting messages with Avatars.

Next, click Publish! link, and locate to Step 3. Get your code - and copy your cbox code.
Default Cbox Code

Now, here's the default cbox html code:

HHHHHH = your boxid
ZZZZZZ = your boxtag
Item to Modify

Cbox have two